Saturday, November 05, 2005

Meet the Godwins

In my Bookmarks tab is a link to a a website that I've been visiting for the past month or so. The premise is simple enough: a family website with photos and blog that chronicle the expat life of Mr.Godwin, his wife Anita, and his daughter Sidney (who is very cute!) in Kuwait. However, the way the site is designed (by no other than Mr.Godwin himself) is unique and refreshing, especially considering that it is a personal website rather than a commercial one. In other words, it is a labor of love and not profit.

The framework of a flipbook is artfully done and surprisingly easy to navigate. I also like the complimentary background music; it's not as annoying as most background music you find in other websites. Clicking on the Photos tab takes you to my favourite part: The Photo Gallery. Mr. Godwin really shines as a webmaster here. The Gallery is split into different themes and clicking on any of them will lead you to a virtual construct of an actual art gallery (virtual visitors included!). So far, I've found a couple of different ways to explore 'The Gallery', but I would rather you go find out for yourself than take the fun out of it by explaining the process.

Another part of the website worth mentioning is the Godwin's Blog. While the template is not unusual, I believe Mr. Godwin was concentrating more on content than style here. The subtitle: 'Raising The Average Height By At Least Two Inches' is a good indication of how Mr.Godwin views his (and his family's) experiences in Kuwait with wonderful humor. A perfect example is this great post on how he managed to discover his own version of a 'wasta'.

So don't hesitate to go meet the Godwins, they're probably right next door!

Monday, October 31, 2005

No Treats, Just Trix

From the Arab Times:

A Kuwaiti youth and two girls were referred to the concerned authorities for interrogation for fighting on the Gulf Street, says Al-Rai Al-Aam.According to sources the girls claimed the youth threw a water bottle at them besides making some obscene gestures while they were walking on the road. However, the youth denied the accusation saying "the girls were smoking and threw a lighted cigarette on my car prompting me to quarrel with them."

I suppose that's one way to deal with sexual harassment. Dear concerned youth: throwing a water bottle at girls who know how to fight back is never usually a good idea, yours truly, McArabian.

(If you thought of rabbits or prostitutes when reading the title, we're going to be very good friends)