Saturday, October 22, 2005

Heya 6ir Ya Grendizer!

I know this is going to date me, but does anyone remember Grendizer? It's a cartoon show that used to come on back in the day when Kuwait TV consisted of only 2 channels: one for Arabic shows, and one for English shows (which didn't start until 4 or 6 in the afternoon). When the opening theme song came on, I would run around the living room yelling the lyrics at the top of my voice - I was that excited (and I had a lot of sugar). I believe Koji Kabuto (the rakish sidekick who had a spinoff show, Mazinger Z) was my first crush. Yeah, I was a sad little kid, but moving along..

So I found this great website on Grendizer today made by an Arab fellow, and yes my dears, it has ALL the Arabic versions of the theme songs. It's well designed, easy to navigate, and answered a couple of the questions I had about Grendizer when I was a kid (turns out Grendizer is stronger than Mazinger Z).
Another great Grendizer gem lies in the bowels of Ebay. There are two auctions right now for DVD's of the Arabic version. I admit I was overcome with nostalgia and put a bid in for this one that's selling all 76 episodes on 10 discs.

To the expats who are reading this: mention Grendizer to any Kuwaiti between the ages of 25-35 and I guarantee you will get a reaction.
To the Kuwaities: What was the name of that cartoon that had the battles in live action (with a guy in a really bad dinosaur suit)? I remember the main characters were called Lamees and Kamal, but I can't find the real name of the show.

Tag stuff, feel free to skip:

From The All Time Best 100 Novels List (which I don't agree with):
How many titles do you recognize: 45
Which ones have you read: 21
Animal Farm, Are You There God? It's Me McArabian, The Blind Assassin, Catch-22, Catcher in The Rye, Gone With the Wind, The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lolita, Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings, Mrs. Dalloway, Naked Lunch, Neuromancer, 1984, A Passage to India, Snow Crash, The Sun Also Rises, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Wide Sargasso Sea.
Which was your favorite: gah, at least 5 of these.
Which was your least favorite: ditto.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MP Love Part II: No Rest For The Wicked

Remember our MP who made a pass at that poor girl in the elevator? He's back for round two, and this time it's personal:

"A Kuwaiti woman, who showered insults on a former parliamentarian at the parking lot of a famous supermarket in Shuwaikh, had triggered some intriguing moments, particularly since the ex-MP, whose flirtatious advances to a Kuwaiti woman inside the elevator of Sabah hospital have made headlines few days ago. According to a report in Al-Rai Al-Aam newspaper, the woman and the politician had an affair between them, and she was infuriated when the man was seen with another woman in the parking lot, especially because the other woman was her friend." - From the Kuwait Times

I'm starting to like our failed Casanova ex-MP, he's more fun to watch than the sad Ramadan shows they've been airing this season. You can find the rest of the article (and even more DRAMA) right here. Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Become a KUNT today!

If you're a teacher in Kuwait, then becoming a KUNT is the best thing to happen to you. I myself am considering becoming a KUNT once I get my Phd. Right now, I'm just part of the Kuwaiti International Student Society..but soon, if Allah wills it, soon I'll be a KUNT.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

These Tags Hurt Me Deep Inside.

Mama Fusla seems to take pleasure in tagging me. Don't worry, MamaF, I'm definitely meeting you next time I'm in Kuwait, then we'll see who tags who!

Seven things I plan to do:

1-Get my PhD.
2-Vote and vote, and vote some more.
3-Write a book.
4-Meet a Kuwaiti man who's as accepting as my brother.
5-Get an apartment on Freedom Ship for a few years to see the world.
6-Gain immortality.
7-Die happy.

Seven things I can do:

1-Speak three languages.
2-Listen (it's very difficult, I assure you).
3-Blend well into two very different cultures.
4-Tell the difference between what's wrong and right without falling back on cultural or religious influences (those rarely help anyway).
5-Accept anyone for who and what they are.
6-Shoot a mean arrow (archery is fun).
7-Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Seven things I can't do:

1-Be a respectable Kuwaiti girl.
3-Obey someone through sheer faith and conviction.
4-Marry under false pretences (came close, but couldn't do it).
5-Allow people to convince me that I lost my self-respect.
6-Be patient with religious fanatics.
7-Argue my case convincingly.

Seven things I say most often:

1- "Ok, so I'm a Bitchass Bitch."
2- "That's insane!"
3- "7abibti/7abibi"
4- "Fucktard/Fuckwit."
5-"Bes khalas."
6- "I would tell you, but you'll love me a little less."
7- "That being said.."

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:
Don't know anyone well enough to pass this to. The vicious cycle stops here!