Monday, October 03, 2005

Ten ways to introduce myself.

1. Kindness makes me cry.

2. Idiots don't.

3. I am proud to some, arrogant to others, nice to most.

4. Nina Simone sings my pain, and Dorothy Parker writes it.

5. I am rarely in pain.

6. People who are smarter than me intimidate me.

7. Until I get to know them, then they fascinate me.

8. This list is unfair, but so is life, and so am I.

9. Well, only one week out of the month.

10. I have come to the realization that kindness, intelligence, and honesty are too much to hope for from most folk.

11. So I'll settle for respect.

12. Look, I'm cheating already.


Blogger Edjamacated Guy said...

Shouldn't number 9 fall after 5? Or is it open to interpretation? lol. Anyway, nice to meet ya.

8:26 AM  
Blogger McArabian said...

Lol! Never looked at it that way, but yeah, it's open for interpretation.

Congratulations for being the first person to comment! You get...nothing!
Well, you do get my thanks. Hope to hear from you again!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Edjamacated Guy said...

lol..well its an honor to be the first commenter

11:43 PM  
Blogger exalen said...

I was listeningt o Nina Simone when I read this!
And I agree!


1:11 PM  
Blogger McArabian said...

exalen I know someone who's aunt (or was it uncle? I can't remember) was Nina Simone's flatmate. She was supposedly nuts (Simone, not the aunt). Genuis comes with a price, I guess.

1:21 PM  
Blogger William said...

You sound like a very unique individual. Come back to Kuwait. We need more of you here!

3:20 PM  
Blogger McArabian said...

williamWish that I could. I love this Kuwaiti blogging community and can't wait to meet as many members as I can. Thanks for the compliment!

3:31 PM  
Blogger Papillona ® said...

McArabian, I agree with most. We have things in common :)

Edjamacated Guy, smart as usual ;)

3:56 PM  
Blogger Delicately Realistic said...

I can relate to 10 and 11. Wish it weren't true.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Gigi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:01 AM  
Blogger don_veto said...

You sound intriguing with a little mystery mixed together.

10:20 PM  
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Blogger dalia alaa said...

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